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BG FIT Services

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    Benefits of Proper Fit
   Bicycle fit is a marriage between the bicycle and the rider. The bike can be adjusted to the rider’s anatomy in multiple ways, such as moving the saddle up or down or changing the stem. The body can only be adjusted in minor ways, such as with a carefully designed stretching program. Dynamic bike fit is better than static bike fit: fit while pedaling the bike needs to be considered when fine-tuning such things as saddle height and cleat position.
   Proper bicycle fit provides increased comfort and performance, prevents injuries, promotes joint health, and increases power wattage output and efficiency.


Bicycle Sizing
   Free with new bicycle purchase. Basic setup to make sure you are on the proper size and style bike. Fit includes saddle height, fore and aft positioning, reach and handlebar position.

   The BG Fit Method is the most complete, most scientifically-advanced fitting method available worldwide. Combining an initial interview, a 20-step pre-fit assessment and a 15-step bike fitting with a personalized follow-up session, the BG FIT Method creates a marriage between rider and bicycle. By following this process, the BG FIT Technician will be able to establish a complete understanding of the rider's goals, physical capabilities, and body structure. This knowledge provides the basis on which adjustments/changes to the bike, shoes, and other equipment can be made to achieve the best possible fit.

A session takes 2.5 hours and is by appointment only.

Schedule an Appointment in Portsmouth, NH Today!

Portsmouth, NH - Josh Pierce is a Master BG FIT Technician. He is a competitive XC mountain bike and road cycling racer. He has been providing fitting and coaching services since 1995. Ian Herchenroder is a BG FIT Technician. He is a Pro XC mountain bike racer.

Boston, MA - Mike Wissell and Brendan Duttry are BG FIT Technicians.

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